First ride: June 12, 2004:

                    A small group of 17, all male riders met in a parking lot at Venice Beach California as an international protest to oil dependancy. The rest is HISTORY.

Attempted Ride: June 11, 2006:

        CANCELLED...First 9 riders to show up at Venice beach were told by VBPD that the event would not be allowed.

Second Ride: July 12, 2008: 

          Hot as Hades!  Riders ,through word of mouth, spread  secret location information for meetup at a private home in LA. This worked well and started a whole new option for the ride. with only 24 riders, the ride let out on a mission to see how far they could get before being stopped by police. The short ride through DTLA wasn't met by any restraints.

Third Ride: June 12, 2010:

          Riders spread the word through word of mouth and a new social media page. Facebook became a location to share the event. Riders told friends that it was a fun event, and once again set a secret meetup location. The host allowed for a preparty and a post party, with body painting for those who were afraid of legal issues if caught. There were about 75 people showed up to try their luck with the protest. SOME showed up to protest oil dependency, some said they came to enjoy riding naked, and some came to promote a body friendly statement. This ride was a long one. heading through DTLA and up through Silverlake and back to LA. it was received well with the community and didn't have much negative reaction BUT did have some mass media coverage when it was called in that there were "naked people on bikes riding through LA"


Fourth Ride: June 11, 2011:

     The most important ride ever! This year was exciting, secrecy was the same for the meetup, but word had spread through the area and there were about 90-100 riders showed up to ride, get body painted and party. The important part of this year was a  video that recorded the worried organizer Oliver "Sparkles" Newell and co organizer Michael Beals having a discussion with an LAPD Seargent who surprisingly WAS NOT there to shut it down but to tell them they must keep it LEGAL and abide by the laws of the city of Los Angeles.

Fifth Ride: June 16, 2012:

        After the video (which sadly has dissapeared) surfaced and  mad its circulation through multiple websites and media, this ride was exceptional. It almost doubled in size to almost 200 riders, and many who went partially covered years before or bodypainted..chose to bare it all for the 13 mile ride following almost the same route as the previous year. This ride caught media attention, with even an interview with organizer Michael Beals on the Valentine in the Morning radio show. The ride went without a hitch and even had found itself passing "watcher parties" in a few spots.

Sixth Ride: June 8, 2013:

        Due to the high numbers of riders, this years ride made an unexpected change. There was no longer enough room at the hosts home on Figueroa St and the meetup location was moved to a small grove by Dodger Stadium and the route was altered to accommodate. The organizers were met once again by LAPD which now will be a regular meeting to reassure the city that laws and ordinances will be followed.  The ride was estimated to have grown to about 250 riders.

Seventh Ride: June 14, 2014:

        This years ride met a small snag. The day before the ride, after organizers posted the meetup location, the management of Dodger Stadium sent a crew out to cut down ALL the trees and bushes that surrounded the grove and placed NO TRESSPASSING signs all over the grove. This forced an emergency search for a meetup location only about 2 hours before the ride was to begin. Organizers found an entrance to the LA River and announced the change and posted a person at the grove to tell folks that didn't get the announcement where to go. The ride still was exceptional with an estimated 280 riders that found their way to the new spot.

Eighth Ride: June 27, 2015:

           This ride was changed to respect the wishes of the LA River conservation committee. Organizers found a host location that offered  a gated area for body painting and socializing and a nice cul-de-sac for the meetup staging area. The ride grew this year to almost 400 riders. And was even escorted by motorcycle traffic officers to help ensure the safety of the riders.

Ninth Ride: June 11, 2016:

        This year was so far the most exciting ride. this year over 425 riders met at the staging area to find an ice cream truck, taco trucks, body painters, and more. This was an epic year as it was able to help promote alternative energy by offering an all electricNissan Leaf as a lead car. There have been several sponsors offered financial support for this growing event.  With the assistance of Motorcycle traffic officers to help keep riders safe in traffic, exceptional  support by LAPD and local businesses, many of our riders are claiming to bring friends and family to the next event which is planned for JUNE 10th of 2017



Tenth Ride: June 10, 2017:  Alot of fun this coming year is planned. We are planning a kids area for all the youngsters that cannot make both loops of the ride.  A jumper and games, amoung other things are planned to be done in the secured private area. We are taking donations to help cover costs of the ride. PLEASE click on the button to the left and help out. 

 The WNBRLA is going strong, getting bigger each year and has exciting new additions every year.

​                     Since 2004 we have been showing the city of Los Angeles that:

   * We need more human and alternative powered transportation 

​   * More bicycle lanes and higher bicycle safety awareness programs

​   * More awareness that NUDE IS NOT LEWD and that nudity can be family safe and socially


​   *Body awareness that teaches all ages and body types are equal and acceptable

​   *Social status does not define individuality: When naked, social status is not visible

​   *ALL persons regardless of race, ethnicity, social backgrounds, religious backgrounds,

​     gender or gender identifications, can unite and become a group that gets along with

​     one another for a common goal.


Special Thanks to:

​     Blast Ice Cream

​      Miranda's Tacos

​      American Naturist Families Association

​     Southern California Naturists Assn

     Naturists in the OC

     KGB Studios

    Hybridfix - electric vehicle repairs

​    Hungry Nomad